Business growth is like a tree. It has many branches in all directions. Have you looked at them all?

Myriad Business Services can help you look at each branch, every direction, and help you pick the ones that will bring results.

My name is Hayley. I am the owner of Myriad Business Services.

Virtual Assistant, Event Planner & Small Business Development Consultant. 

Sounds like a mouthful doesn’t it? Well it is, but they all have several things is common. An ability to be creative and look at options outside of the box, connections to a network of professionals in many industries, and of course, the bane of everyone’s existence, admin.

I don’t believe in the hard sell. It’s not my style and in all honesty, in business, you want someone you can trust with your brand. 

Feel free to contact me for a friendly chat to see how I can help you on your journey to success. 


Having a strategy for your business is very important. If you don’t have a long term plan, how can you grow your business? I was taught a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin, and it has forever stuck with me “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”


How many hats do you wear in your business? Marketing manager, financial officer, quality control, web design, facilities manager? Don’t be afraid to admit when you need help. You know your product/service, you are not expected to also know everything else as well.


I’m sure you will have been bombarded with people who say they can increase your sales. But it doesn’t take just one thing into account, it is a multiple of factors. And if you have followed the first two steps, then you should be able to see what could use changing to boost those sales.

Hayley is fantastic! She really helped steer projects in the right direction and assisted in getting them off the ground and organised quickly. Her network and contacts helped us hit a quick deadline on a project that we could not have completed without Myraid’s services!

Business for Bovey Association

Highly recommended. Great job working with our social media and PR. Works to fit our budget and always researching new networking opportunities. Hayley has also done a great job rebuilding our website.

Andrews (SW) Ltd

Hayley helped me by giving my business the virtual kick up the butt it needed. I’ve since started growing my Instagram page & made multiple sales. Thanks again Hayley.

RJO Artwork